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  • Bikini Bizniz

    As health and fitness enthusiasts, Bikini Bizniz is focused on helping clients equip themselves for living a fit, strong and healthy life, coaching them every step of the way. Health and fitness is a lifestyle.

    Would you like to receive your training at home, or do you prefer joining our functional group training at our studio? The choice is yours.

    Live the Lifestyle!


    • In-Home Personal Training
      Personal Training in the convenience of your home. No gym contract needed, We come to you with all the equipment needed. Ladies or Couples only.

    • Group Training Classes
      Our group training classes are small, fun, effective and growing fast. Our training style is a combination between personal training and functional training. We are in Moreletta Park, Pretoria.

    • Training Plans
      Don't want a personal trainer? Our training programs are designed with your specific needs and goals in mind. Our goal is to equip you to train at home or in the gym whenever, wherever.

    • Meal Plans
      Whatever your weight goals are, losing fat or adding some lean muscle, we will help you design a maintainable eating plan that will suit your lifestyle.

  • Our Trainers

    Hillary de Beer

    Hillary is a proud mother and wife with a healthy zest for life! She loves the outdoors and doing crazy things like bungee jumping, skydiving & riding her dirtbike. Hillary is also a Sponsored, Supplements SA Fitness Bikini Athlete. Since she remembers, looking and feeling good has always been a priority. It's become even more so after having 2 beautiful girls and wanting to shed the extra post pregnancy kilo's. At first Hillary says her motivation was very superficial and selfish, but now she feels she needs to lead by example. Hillary entered her first bikini show in 2009 and the rest is history. Meeting a lot of like-minded people in the fitness industry, equipping herself with knowledge and then putting into practice became one of her favourite pass times. A lot of people started asking for tips and advice and she soon realised how rewarding it was to help others. That's how her enthusiasm grew for the health and fitness industry and that's also how Bikini Bizniz came about. Her most proud achievement in the fitness world, up to date, is being co-featured as babe of the month in the Muscle Evolution mag.

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  • Schedule

      Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri

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    Group Training Class - Space Available, Group Training Class - Full

  • Our Prices

    Affordable Personal Training packages are available.
    Training is given in the privacy of your own home (Pretoria East area only).
    Females or couples Only. Group classes are given at our Moreleta Park Studio in Spes Bona str.

    Eating Plan R350
    Training Plan R350
    Stage Prep Group Session p/p R200
    Stage Prep Private Session R250
    Personal training per session R140 - R220
    Monthly Assessments R200
    Monthly Class fee - R600 for 3 x p/w
    Monthly Class fee - R800 for 5 x p/w

  • Our Address

    620 Spes Bona Str,
    Moreleta Park, Pretoria, South Africa


    072 7644 835


    Our studio has a lot of safe, free parking in a shopping centre. Come join us for some Functional Training that will get that heart PUMPIN!

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    Here are some more of Hillary's Fitness Achievements:
    2009: 5th Place Millennium Gold Plate WFF-WBBF, 1st Place - Eastern Gauteng Bikini WFF-WBBF, 7th Place SA Championships WFF-WBBF
    2010: 2nd Place WPF Silverstar Casino, 3rd Place H&H Classics IFBB, 4th Place Gauteng North Provincials IFBB
    2011: 1st Place Alt Xtreme WFF-WBBF, 2nd Place Provincial Championships IFBB, 1st Place H&H IFBB
    2012: 1st Place Miss SA Extreme IFBB Fitness Bikini, 2nd Place SA Championships IFBB Fitness Bikini, 1st Place & Overall Winner Boksburg Classic
    2015: 1st Place Ladies 35+ Marco Rossi Show
    2016: 1st Place Ladies 35+ WBFF

    Favourite cheat meal: Sushi, chocolate and pizza. Favourite supplements: Definitely Supplements SA's Nougat Protein Bars & guilt free. It's heaven sent. Then Lipolean, Cellulean, Thermoburn, CLA, Glutamine, Whey Protein shake (All by Supplements SA). Top tip: Life is too short to fuss about other people's opinions. Make health & fitness a lifestyle.. There's no quick fix that lasts. Last word: It's not how you start but how you finish.